Anton's famous kin includes George Washington.

George Washington (February 22, 1732 [O.S. February 11, 1731] – December 14, 1799) was the first President of the United States of America, serving from 1789 to 1797, and the dominant military and political leader of the United States from 1775 to 1799. He led the American victory over Great Britain in the American Revolutionary War as commander-in-chief of the Continental Army from 1775 to 1783, and presided over the writing of the Constitution in 1787. Washington became the first president, by unanimous choice, and oversaw the creation of a strong, well-financed national government that maintained neutrality in the wars raging in Europe, suppressed rebellion, and won acceptance among Americans of all types. His leadership style established many forms and rituals of government that have been used since, such as using a cabinet system and delivering an inaugural address. Washington is universally regarded as the "Father of his country."
Common ancestor of Anton and George Washington: Edward III, King of England
(Names on the left-side of each line are the direct descendant)

Alfred the Great

AElfthryth of Wessex — Baldwin II, Count of Flanders

Arnulf, Count of Flanders — Adele of Vermandois

Baldwin III, Count of Flanders — Mathilde Billung

Arnulf II, Count of Flanders — Rozala of Lombardy

Baldwin IV, Count of Flanders — Ogive of Luxembourg

Baldwin V, Count of Flanders — Adela of France

Matilda of Flanders — William I, King of England

Henry I, King of England — Matilda of Scotland

Matilda of England — Geoffrey Plantagenet, Count of Anjou

Henry II, King of England — Eleanor of Aquitaine

John, King of England — Isabelle of Angouleme

Henry III, King of England — Eleanor of Provence

Edward I, King of England — Eleanor of Castile

Edward II, King of England — Isabella of France

Edward III, King of England — Philippa of Hainault

Lionel of Antwerp — Elizabeth de Burgh

Philippa Plantagenet — Edmund Mortimer, Earl of March

Elizabeth Mortimer — Sir Henry Percy

Henry Percy — Eleanor Neville

Henry Percy — Eleanor Poynings

Margaret Percy — Sir William Gascoigne

Elizabeth Gascoigne — Sir George Talboys

Anne Talboys — Sir Edward Dymoke

Francis Dymoke — Sir Thomas Windebank

Mildred Windebank — Robert Reade

Colonel George Reade — Colonel George Reade

Mildred Reade — Colonel Augustine Warner Jr.

Mildred Warner — Lawrence Washington

Augustine Washington — Mary Ball

George Washington
1st U.S. President