Anton, The Lord of Hartforth, is descended from an exhaustive line of Irish royalty.
Kingdoms of Ireland around 900 AD
Please note that green is NOT the historical color associated with St. Patrick. It is blue, more specifically, "St. Patrick's blue" which is also the color associated with royalty in Eire. The Irish Presidential Flag is colored "St. Patrick's blue."
The following list carefully exhibits the "Royal Stem of Ireland," from which both the present Royal Family of England and Anton, Lord of Hartforth derives its lineal descent.

1 King Henry the Third of England: son of
2 King John of England: son of
3 King Henry the Second: son of
4 The Princess Maude: daughter of
5 Queen Matilda (in whom the lineal descent continues: who was the wife of Henry the First of England, the youngest son of William the Conqueror): only daughter of Malcolm III. (d. 1093).
6 Malcolm the Third, of Scotland: son of Duncan (d. 1041).
7 Duncan: son of Beatrix.

Malcolm the Second left no issue but two daughters, named Beatrix (or Beatrice) and Doda. Beatrice, the elder daughter, got married to Crinan, [2] lord of the Isles, and by him had a son named Duncan, the father of Malcolm the Third; while Doda, the younger daughter, got married to Synel, lord of Glammis, and by him had a son named MacBeatha or MacBeth (d. 1057). Before the accession to the throne of Scotland, of Malcolm the Third or Malcolm Ceann Mor (cean mor: Irish, large head), as he was called, on account of the large size of his head, the lineal descent continued in the following:

8 Duncan, who d. 1041: son of
9 Beatrix (or Beatrice): daughter of
10 Malcolm the Second, who d. 1040: son of
11 Cenneth, who d. 994: son of
12 Malcolm the First, who d. 958: son of
13. Donald, who d. 903: son of
14. Constantine, who d. 878: son of
15. Cenneth (known as "Kinneth MacAlpin"), who d. 854: son of
16. Alpin, who d. 834: son of
17. Eochaidh (or Eochy) Rinnamail: son of
18. Aodh (or Hugh) Fionn: son of
19. Donart: son of
20. Donald Breac: son of
21. Eochaidh Buidhe [3] (buidhe: Irish, yellow): son of
22. Ædhan: son of
23. Gabhran.

The Scottish historians differ in some particulars from the ancient Irish annalists: for instance, they record this Gabhran (No. 93) as the son instead of the grandson, of Donart, No. 91.

24. Gabhran: son of
25. Eochaidh: son of
26. Donart: son of
27. Fergus Mor Mac Earca.

"In A.D. 498, Fergus Mor Mac Earca, in the twentieth year of the reign of his father, Muredach, son of (Eugenius, or) Owen, son of Niall of the Nine Hostages, with five more of his brothers, viz., another Fergus, two more named Loarn, and two named Aongus (or Æneas), with a complete army, went into Scotland to assist his grandfather Loarn, who was king of Dalriada, and who was much oppressed by his enemies the Picts, who were in several battles and engagements vanquished and overcome by Fergus and his party. Whereupon, on the king's death, which happened about the same time, the said Fergus was unanimously elected and chosen king, as being of the Blood Royal, by his mother; and the said Fergus was the first absolute king of Scotland, of the Milesian Race: so the succession continued in his blood and lineage ever since to this day."-- Four Masters.

According to the Scottish chroniclers, it was A.D. 424, that Fergus Mor Mac Earca went from Ireland to Scotland. Before him, the Milesian kings in that country were kings only of that part of it called "Dalriada," of which Loarn, the grandfather of Fergus Mor Mac Earca (Mac Earca: Irish, son of Earca, daughter of Loarn) was the last king (see Part IX., c. iv. under "The Genealogy of the Kings of Dalriada").

28. Fergus Mor Mac Earca, the brother of Murchertach (or Murtogh Mor Mac Earca, the 131st Monarch of Ireland:[4] son of
29. Muredach: son of
30. Eoghan [Owen]: son of
31. Niall Mor (known as Niall of the Nine Hostages), the 126th Monarch: son of
32. Eochaidh Muigh Meadhoin (or Eochy Moyvone), the 124th Monarch: son of
33. Muredach Tireach [teeragh], 122nd Monarch: son of
34. Fiacha Srabhteine, the 120th Monarch: son of
35. Cairbre Liffechar, the 117th Monarch: son of
36. Cormac Ulfhada (commonly called "Cormac Mac Art"), the 115th Monarch: son of
37. Art-Ean-Fhear (or Art-Enear), the 112th Monarch: the ancestor[5] of O'h-Airt, anglicised O'Hart: son of
38. Conn Ceadcatha (or Conn of the Hundred Battles), the 110th Monarch: son of
39. Felim Rachtmar (or Felim the Lawgiver), the 108th Monarch: son of
40. Tuathal Teachdmar, the 106th Monarch: son of
41. Fiacha Fionn Ola (or Fiacha of the White Oxen), the 124th Monarch: son of
42. Feareadach [Feredach] Fionn Feachtnach (or Feredach the True and Sincere), the 102nd Monarch: son of
43. Crimthann Niadh-Nar (called Crimthann the Heroic), the 100th Monarch, who reigned when CHRIST was born: son of
44. Lugaidh Sriabh-n Dearg, the 98th Monarch: son of
45. Breas-Nar-Lothar: son of
46. Eochaidh Feidhlioch, the 93rd Monarch: son of
47. Fionn: son of
48. Fionnlaoch: son of
49. Roighean Ruadh: son of
50. Asaman Eamhnadh: son of
51. Enda Agneach, the 84th Monarch: son of
52. Aongus (or Æneas) Turmeach-Teamrach, the 81st Monarch (from whose younger son, Fiacha Fearmara, the kings of Dalriada, in Scotland, down to Loarn, the maternal grandfather of Fergus Mor Mac Earca, No. 90 on this stem, were descended): son of
53. Eochaidh Altleathan, the 79th Monarch: son of
54. Olioll Casfiacalach, the 77th Monarch: son of
55. Conla Caomh, the 76th Monarch: son of
56. Iarn Gleo-Fhathach, the 74th Monarch: son of
57. Melg Molbhthach, the 71st Monarch: son of
58. Cobthach Caol-bhreagh, the 69th Monarch: son of
59. Ugaine Mor, the 66th Monarch: son of
60, Eochaidh Buidh: son of
61. Duach Ladhrach, the 59th Monarch: son of
62. Fiachadh Tolgrach, the 55th Monarch: son of
63. Muirerdhach [Muredach] Bolgach, the 46th Monarch: son of
64. Simeon Breac, the 44th Monarch: son of
65. Aodh Glas: son of
66. Nuadhas Fionnfail, the 39th Monarch: son of
67. Giallchadh, the 37th Monarch: son of
68. Olioll Olchaoin: son of
69. Siorna Saoghalach, the 34th Monarch: his son.
70. Dein: son of
71. Rotheachta, the 22nd Monarch: son of
72. Maon: son of
73. Aongus Ollmuchach, the 20th Monarch: son of
74. Fiachadh Lamhraein, the 18th Monarch: son of
75. Simorgoill: son of
76. Eanbrotha, son of
77. Tighearnmas, the 13th Monarch: son of
78. Falach (or Fallain): son of
79. Eithriall, the 11th Monarch: son of
80. Irial Faidh, the 10th Monarch: son of
81. Heremon, the second Monaich of Ireland, of the Milesian line; son of Galamh [galav], otherwise called Milesius of Spain.
Wearing green on St. Patrick's Day is strictly a U.S. custom, as the color green is not popular in Ireland. Irish folklore holds that green is the favorite color of the Good Folk (the proper name for faeries). They are likely to steal people, especially children, who wear too much of the color.
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