Clan Montgomery is one of the oldest Scottish Clans, and its Chronicles are closely interwoven with Scottish history. The progenitors of this Clan were Norman and came from the Castle of Sainte Foy de Montgomery, near Lissieux, Normandy, France. Roger de Montgomery arrived in England with his kinsman, William the Conqueror, in 1066. In 1069 Roger was granted lands on the Welsh border in the County which later took his name, Montgomeryshire. In 1083 he built Shrewsbury Abbey where he is entombed. According to the Doomsday Book, in 1086 he owned 150 castles and lordships within ten counties of England. Roger's grandson Robert de Montgomery, went to Scotland with Walter FitzAlan, also of the Welsh border country, who became High Steward of Scotland and progenitor of the great Stewart Clan. Robert was granted lands by King David I of Scotland in Renfrewshire, and the manor of Eaglesham became the Clan seat of the Montgomerys for many centuries.     Anton is the direct descendant of Roger de Montgomery.
Tomb of Roger de Montgomery. Shrewsbury Abbey, England.