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Gypsy and the Internet help man find true love

Royal Oak Mirror June 9, 2005

Gypsy and the Internet help man find true love


Anton Anderssen waited 20 years for his fiancé

He searched the world for his love and his search paid off. On the Fourth of July, Anderssen is legally marrying Marco, the man he's loved all his life - even before he met him.

The couple will wed at Niagara-On-The-Lake in Ontario.

"I've been preparing for him," Anderssen said.

Anderssen, 45, of Warren, has a Juris Doctor degree from Wayne State University School of Law among several other academic certificates and degrees. He teaches adult enrichment courses at more than 20 schools in Southeast Michigan, including classes in the Royal Oak, Utica and Warren Consolidated school districts.

Marco, 56, is an Italian citizen and owns a house in the Alps, a home on the Italian Riviera and three town houses in Milan. He is an independently-wealthy retired bank officer.

The couple met a year ago through an online dating service, but Anderssen said his quest for his one true love wasn't as simple as a click of a mouse. His search started with a gypsy and a magazine article in 1985.

"I visited a gypsy, who told me she could see my future husband," Anderssen said. "But, she told me I would have to search for him."

That same year, Anderssen was interviewed in Republic Airlines magazine. In the article, he submitted a message from to the future love of his life:

"You are my world, and my love for you knows no bounds. It is stronger than time itself. I've written these words long ago. But now, as you read the warmest expressions of my heart, you shall surely know that you are the love of my lifetime. I yearn to bring you back in time, if only for a moment, that I may love you now; but I must wait until the day we meet. Then I shall say, 'I've done all of this for you.' Into the future I send a kiss, that you may know that truly, I have always loved you ; then, now and forever."

"I kept that magazine article all these years," Anderssen said. "I'll be reading that passage to him during our wedding ceremony."

Anderssen had the passage printed on a quilt, which he will present to Marco during their wedding in Canada. "Niagara-On-The-Lake is a lot like Mackinac Island," Anderssen said. "It's a historic village with horse-drawn carriages ; we'll be arriving to our reception, which will be held in a mansion parliament built in the 1860s, in a horse-drawn carriage."

Along with having a classic wedding in a historic location, guests at Anderssen's wedding are all getting a copy of "Somewhere In Time" - his favorite movie.

"The movie is about time travel," Anderssen said. "When I put that message in the magazine article 20 years ago, there was some time-travel involved."